CAVILUX® Smart UHS for Ultra High-Speed Illumination

CAVILUX Smart UHS is a powerful pulsed diode laser light source with very short pulses and very high repetition rates. It is an ideal light source for ultra high-speed cameras up to 10 MHz.

CAVILUX Smart UHS can generate pulsed light power of hundreds of watts at as short as 10 ns pulses. The light output is essentially monochromatic with low degree of coherence, which is ideal for illumination purposes as there are no chromatic aberrations or speckle.


  • High power and very short pulses down to 10 ns
  • Ideal light source for schlieren and shadowgraphy applications
  • Excellent for ultra-high-speed imaging with short pulses
  • Versatility by varying pulse duration and repetition rate
  • Monochromatic and low-coherence light


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wdt_ID CAVILUX Smart System
1 CAVILUX Smart UHS System
2 Consists of a control unit, laser unit and illumination optics
3 One control unit can drive 1 laser unit
4 Camera synchronization with 5 V TTL signals
5 Laser unit
6 Wavelength options 640 nm (visible) and 810 nm (invisible)
7 Output power options for 640 nm: 200 W and 400 W and for 810 nm: 300 W and 500 W
8 Laser class 3B or 4 (depending on output power and wavelength)
9 Variability through generation of pulses and pulse patterns
10 Pulse duration 10 ns … 150 ns with 10 ns steps or up to 30 µs following sync pulse duration

CAVILUX Smart UHS pulse duration / frequency

wdt_ID Pulse duration Normal mode High speed mode
1 Pulse duration Normal mode (1) Ultra-high-speed mode up to 10 MHz (2)
2 10 ns * 30.000 Hz 2.000 pulses
3 50 ns 6.000 Hz 600 pulses
4 100 ns 3.000 Hz 300 pulses
5 500 ns 600 Hz 60 pulses
6 1 us 300 Hz 30 pulses
7 10 us 30 Hz 3 pulses

* with reduced output power • (1) duty cycle 0,03 ‰ without time limit • (2) duty cycle 99% for 30 us cumulative laser active time

Laser safety label
UHS control unit - near view
Light guides
Robust protective transport case of CAVILUX Smart System
Tube optics
Filter holder and filter adapter set
Warning light system
Laser safety goggles

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