Cavitar Schlieren Imaging Solutions

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Flow visualization solutions

Reveal the invisible flow patterns (gases, fluids) in your process by optical methods
High-quality imaging
High sensitivity for detection of fine details

High-performance plug-and-play solution

Suitable for use in Schlieren and shadowgraph imaging
Optimized to be used with CAVILUX laser illumination systems and/or Cavitar Welding Cameras
Various solution options based on application
Front and back illumination available (front illumination enables simultaneous visualization of e.g., melt pool and wire motion and melting)
Protected compact design with an open test area for studying process phenomena

For visualization of changes in refractive index

  • Temperature gradients (heating processes)
  • Phase differences (mixing of liquids, gas flows and evaporation)
  • Small particles (efficient light scattering)
  • Pressure gradients (shock waves in air or liquid)

For research and development of various applications and processes

  • Welding process imaging (shadowgraph also possible)
  • Welding research
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Energy technologies
  • Chemical industry (mixing of liquids and gasses)
  • Shockwaves Ballistics
  • Aerospace Materials testing

Easy to use

  • Comes pre-aligned to customer’s specifications
  • Can be customized for specific cameras
  • Plug-and-play: 1. Install the table legs, 2. Install camera and light source, 3. Start imaging (Z-type)
  • Schlieren mask adjustment is possible during imaging
  • Different Schlieren masks (also custom masks) are available for emphasizing different flow elements

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