CAVILUX laser illumination has several unique features that enable completely new and improved measurement possibilities in various industrial and scientific applications. Our illumination laser technology is ideal for high-speed cameras of all speeds as well as for machine vision cameras. With CAVILUX laser illumination it is possible to see through heat by eliminating thermal light from the object. It is therefore possible to see the process as if it were cold. This feature is especially important in welding industry and hot metal processing. CAVILUX lasers also create very short pulses that can “freeze the motion” of very fast objects. This is of high importance when monitoring fast-moving industrial webs, flow processes at high magnification or in defense applications such as ballistics, explosions and shockwaves. CAVILUX laser illumination enables the highest possible image quality in various applications. The compact, yet robust, design of our products enables the operation both in laboratory and production line environments. The possibility of fiber coupling also makes it possible to realize solutions in limited space.
Laser cutting application


Why Us?

  • We have vast experience in the visualization of various applications
  • We have knowledge to solve the needs of many industrial processes
  • We have ability to understand our customers’ processes and needs
  • We help our customers in reaching their challenging measurement goals
Lab equipment


Why Us?

  • We are the market leader in high-power pulsed diode laser illumination
  • Our lighting solutions work with high-speed cameras as well as with machine vision cameras
  • Our customers include many leading research institutions all around the world
    Our systems are very compact and robust, and are suitable for  studies both in laboratories and in industrial production facilities
  • We can provide customized optical solutions for the laser light sources

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