CAVILUX laser illumination is the high-performance lighting technology for demanding high-speed imaging and machine vision applications in various industrial processes and in R&D. Industrial end users, machine vision integrators, R&D professionals and scientific community can utilize CAVILUX laser illumination technology either as a stand-alone product or as an integrated monitoring solution. These powerful products are easy to use and they are fully compatible with high-speed cameras as well as different kind of machine vision cameras (single or multiple). CAVILUX products are based on Cavitar Ltd’s pulsed high-power diode laser illumination technology that can generate millions of pulses per second. The pulsed light power is typically several hundreds of watts, and the brightness can be millions of times greater than in LED or halogen light sources. The light output is essentially monochromatic while at the same time having very low degree of coherence. The possibility to couple the light into a fiber enables wide variety of unique optical solutions for illumination. Full light power can e.g. be launched to a desired shape with uniform intensity over a long distance or it can be used in very challenging industrial environments with limited space.


Ideal light source for high-speed cameras. Suitable especially for applications containing objects emitting thermal radiation or moving at high velocity, or when high resolution at high magnification is required. Typical application examples include welding, flow and spray studies, material testing, ballistics and explosions. CAVILUX HF is compatible with schlieren and shadowgraphy optical solutions.


Ideal light source for high-speed and machine vision cameras. Suitable especially for shadowgraphy and schlieren imaging applications in the research of sprays and shockwaves. Powerful solution for any low-speed visualization application which involve objects at high temperature. It can also be used in selected welding and high-speed applications.



Optimal light source for machine vision systems. Even with very high pulse powers the system is very compact for easy integration, and robust for demanding industrial applications. CAVILUX illumination can be millions of times brighter than LED or halogen lamps and it enables the exact creation of various illumination structures. This is beneficial e.g. in surface topographic and 3D measurement applications. Cavitar has excellent capabilities for realizing customized solutions to fulfill special customer needs.

Cavitar Welding Camera

Ideal solution for the welders and operators to remotely see demanding arc and laser welding processes in real time. High-quality images enable ergonomic process monitoring, efficient error detection, scrap reduction as well as storage of videos for quality documentation purposes. Our compact solutions with integrated camera and lighting can be eye-safe and enable “the seeing of welding processes as cold.”

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