Uni Glasgow studies focused ultrasound via high-speed shadowgraphy imaging

CavLab at the University of Glasgow is using CAVILUX Smart to study focused ultrasound via high-speed shadowgraphy imaging with up to 10 Million frames per second. The video below shows the development of a 1.1MHz ultrasound field created by a needle hydrophone. The video is captured at 5 Million fps.

Shockwaves are very fast phenomena that can be studied with ultra-high-speed imaging. However, the small size and high speed of the object can create motion blur in the images.  Cavitar’s laser illumination provides very short pulses that minimize the effect of motion blur while providing sufficient lighting for images taken at ultra-high-speed.

Original Article:
Kristoffer Johansen, Jae Hee Song, and Paul Prentice, CavLab, Cluster of Ultrasound Science, Technology and Engineering Research, University of Glasgow, UK, Characterising Focused Ultrasound via High Speed Shadowgraphic Imaging at 10 Million Frames Per Second, published at 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Proceedings