The Best In Welding 2020 Award from SHY

The Finnish Welding Society, SHY (Suomen Hitsausteknillinen Yhdistys) awards biannually companies in Finland that have made an impact on the welding community. The 2020 awards were meant to be handed out traditionally at Nordic Welding Expo early that year, but due to the global pandemic, the award ceremony was postponed.

The SHY-awards are given in the following categories:

– Welding companies (companies that do welding, supply welding equipment, consult in welding, etc.)
– Welding research, development and inspection companies
– Welding education and training organizations

In addition to the company awards, also diplomas and scholarships are handed out for the best diploma thesis, as well as for the title for the best article of each year in the SHY-magazine.

Cavitar is proud to announce that we received the ”Hitsaushuippu 2020”, i.e. Best In Welding 2020 -award from the Welding Society of Finland in the category of ”Welding Development Company of the Year”. Our CEO Taito Alahautala received the award at the Subcontracting fair 2021 (Alihankinta messut) in September.

The explanation from the judges that won us the prestigious award was:
”The company has developed Cavitar Welding Camera system which brings significant improvement for the quality monitoring of automatized and mechanical welding. The small and compact device has both camera and laser illumination integrated in it which together with a monitor shows to the welder, or a researcher, what happens during the welding process – without the disturbing brightness the process itself generates. The Cavitar Welding Camera system can record the welding event. and when combined  with machine vision, can serve as part of the whole quality assurance process.”

The Education Manager Juha Kauppila from The Finnish Welding Society Presenting the Award to Cavitar's CEO Dr. Taito Alahautala.
          The Education Manager Juha Kauppila from The Finnish Welding Society Presenting the Award to Cavitar’s CEO Dr. Taito Alahautala.

The other winners of company awards are:

– Outotec Turula Oy, Outokumpu – Best Welding Company
– Vamia, Vaasa – Best in Welding Education/Training

Congratulations to all the winners!
We are looking forward to hearing of the new winners of 2022.

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