RAMLAB + WAAM + Cavitar Welding Camera C300

WAAM, shortened from Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing, is also known as Directed Energy Deposition-Arc (DED-arc). It is probably the oldest, outwardly simplest, but least talked about of the range of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes which are commonly known also as 3D printing.

The process uses wire as feedstock and the basic process has been used for decades to perform local repairs on damaged or worn components, and to manufacture round components and pressure vessels. More recently the development of the process has been, and still is, driven by the need for increased manufacturing efficiency of engineering structures. Here the high quality computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software has advanced greatly the development of additive manufacturing processes in general, but also WAAM in particular. (www.twi.global.com)

To ensure higher efficiency in production, close monitoring of quality is a very important aspect. This is where Cavitar Welding Cameras can help.

RAMLAB is a company that manufactures industrial spare parts using WAAM processes. They have a strong focus on material quality and quality assurance and are using Cavitar Welding Camera C300 as one of the monitoring sensors on their WAAM processes which they continuously monitor and adjust live when necessary. The welding camera enables them to visualize the product surface, the weld pool and the arc in a single image in a clear manner without the disturbing process light.

Read short application note from RAMLAB of how they use the Cavitar Welding Camera C300 and their feedback on it.

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