Science and R&D

CAVILUX laser illumination is a high-performance tool for various applications in scientific and industrial research and development, and it is fully compatible with high-speed and machine vision cameras. CAVILUX illumination lasers enable seeing through heat e.g. in welding and cladding applications or in explosion studies. Another important benefit is the ability to “freeze the motion” e.g. in shockwave or ballistics studies where the challenge is the accurate imaging of extremely small and fast targets. The highly precise control of CAVILUX illumination enables quantitative measurements from challenging objects while the exceptionally low degree of coherence results in very high image quality.

Industrial Applications

  • New and reliable research due to improved image quality and quantitative information in the images
  • Quick solving of R&D problems in laboratory or in pilot plant
  • Compact and easy to use system
  • High-quality image material for marketing purposes
  • Measurement over a long distance

Research Applications

  • Powerful high-brightness illumination enables seeing through heat
  • Short pulses enable the elimination of motion blur
  • Ideal for shadowgraphy and schlieren imaging
  • Best image quality for shockwave studies
  • Customization of illumination optical solutions, e.g. to enable micro-PIV
  • Fuel injection
  • Cavitation
  • Droplets, e.g. inkjet

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