Foundry Industry

Foundry processes and metal manufacturing in general can benefit from laser illumination in various process stages.

Energy intensive metals manufacturing process involves several critical steps where reliable online information is needed. One example is the precise online-monitoring of slab surfaces in continuous casting process in order to decide about possible post-tooling needs and also to control the condition of casting line. Another example is the condition of protective layers of furnaces and ladles.

CAVILUX laser illumination can sees through heat which enables the surface inspection right after the slab is formed. The resulting excellent image quality enables either manual inspection or automated image analysis. Detailed inspection at this early stage of the process saves time.

Remote monitoring of such demanding processes found in the metal manufacturing industry increases the safety of the personnel, reduces expensive down-time, and prevents excessive and repetitive post-processing stages. Our solutions are specifically designed to endure rough foundry conditions.

Industrial Applications

  • Slab surface monitoring
  • Monitoring of the condition of furnace wall
  • Clear vision of the metal surface as if it would be cold and stationary
  • Safety

Research Applications

  • Research of new materials
  • Optimization of processes

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