Case: Cavitar Welding Camera Used in Teaching and Training of Future Welders at SAKKY

Back in 2019, when we were still more in the development stage of our Cavitar Welding Cameras, we received a surprising visit from a welding instructor 500 kilometers away from our base here in Tampere, Finland. Juha Kauhanen, a teacher from Savo Vocational College (SAKKY) in Kuopio, Finland, that offers welding education and certification, was interested in the capabilities of our laser illumination. Juha informed us that they have been looking for a technology that supports welding training and allows the visualization of the melt pool.

It was obvious to us that our Cavitar Welding Camera C300 would be a good fit for SAKKY’s needs, since even back then we knew that our technology, which provides a clear view of the welding without the disturbing brightness the process emits, will provide a new level of process understanding, and thus greatly benefit also welding education and training in schools and companies alike. Therefore, we decided to partner up with SAKKY and have them demo our C300. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down our planned schedule for the demoing, among other things, but now, for the past few months, the department of welding education at SAKKY has been using our Cavitar Welding Camera C300 in training welding students.

Testing Welding Camera at SAKKY
“Juha Kauhanen from SAKKY (left) and Christian Kutschke setting up the Cavitar Welding Camera at SAKKY.”

We just received feedback on our welding camera from Juha Kauhanen and other welding teachers at the school. Getting feedback is important to us since we want to learn and understand what the real value and benefit our Cavitar Welding Cameras provide to welding educational institutes is.

Here are few things they told us after only few months of experience with the Cavitar Welding Camera C300:

  1. By being able to clearly see the melt pool, it is easier for the instructor to explain the welding process and to point out each element of the process. Usually all of these details gets “blocked” by the brightness of the welding arc.
  2. The instructor can clearly demonstrate to students the effects of holding the welding torch in a wrong angle and what happens if the torch moves too slow or too fast. Wrong positioning of the torch can lead to unwanted welding defects. Cavitar’s welding camera technology allows frame by frame analysis of the footage to point to the defect and find the reasons what lead to said defect.
  3. The students are interested in seeing what actually happens during a welding process. They are excited to explore the details of the welds and to evaluate their own and fellow students’ weld performances.

We look forward to hearing more from SAKKY and to the next steps of our cooperation with them.

Cavitar Welding Camera
“Our welding cameras are compact and ideal for all types of arc welding.”

The Cavitar Welding Camera C300 is also very suitable for industrial companies in terms of employee training. Each manufacturer follows certain processes and many have special welding procedures to ensure high-quality standards. Using Cavitar Welding Camera allows the welding coordinators to review together with the welder the task specific process and help the welder to improve their own skills. This leads to increased efficiency and higher yield by reducing defects made which in turn safes time and material.

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