Cavitar Ltd. and InterTest, Inc. Announce Partnership in Weld Viewing Technology

The InterTest, Inc. and Cavitar Ltd. partnership will increase the Cavitar Welding Camera product distribution and customer support for welding quality assurance and inspection groups in North American manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Tampere, Finland, 11/2/2022Cavitar Ltd and InterTest, Inc. announced today that the companies have entered a strategic partnership for the distribution and support of Cavitar Welding Cameras in North America.

InterTest, Inc – USA is a leading solution provider of remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment. With over 40 years of experience in the industrial inspection and retrieval applications, InterTest, Inc. serves industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, power generation, and video surveillance.

The agreement focus is the introduction of the novel Cavitar Welding Camera to InterTest’s high priority customer base of weld quality assurance and inspection groups within North American manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries.

The Cavitar Welding Camera produces the clearest and most dynamic live welding imaging we ever seen,” said Thomas Daly, president and owner of InterTest, Inc. “This technology, along with our distribution channels, experience, and support, will allow customers to view more welding applications and increase their productivity through reducing manufacturing scrap and human risk.”

Thomas Daly, InterTest Inc.
Tom Daly, InterTest Inc.







Cavitar Welding Camera platform revolutionizes the welding domain by enabling the clear visualization of all major processes as if they were cold. Combining laser illumination and custom optical filters in a compact design, it produces clear images of the welding torch, melt pool, and base material so operators can monitor, record, and adjust their welding process from a distance reducing human safety risk and costly scrap on long automated production runs.

TIP TIG welding
TIP TIG welding
Cavitar Welding Camera
Cavitar Welding Camera

“Cavitar strives to revolutionize the world of weld monitoring with a novel quality assurance ecosystem,” said Dr. Taito Alahautala, CEO of Cavitar Ltd. “Partnering with InterTest, Inc., with their technical expertise, professionalism, and experience in the welding domain will help us reach our vision: a better world with safer welds, better allocation of resources, and more engaging educational content”.

Taito Alahautala, Cavitar Ltd
Taito Alahautala, Cavitar Ltd


As a technology leader, Cavitar is focused on further developing innovative tools for the benefit of the welding community targeting educational, R&D and industrial domains and InterTest, Inc can fully support these developments with their strong market presence.

This partnership enables Cavitar to deepen its reach in the North American market, adding to the already well-established distribution partner for the CAVILUX solutions.

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