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Cavitar Chosen for the WeldGalaxy Mentoring Program

Cavitar is one of the 10 companies chosen for this first ever WeldGalaxy mentoring program, led by The Welding Institute (TWI). All of the selected companies are “arc welding champions” in their own field. Cavitar will contribute with its welding cameras based on our laser illumination technology that enables viewing the arc welding process with high precision by filtering out the disturbing process light.

The goal of the WeldGalaxy program is to boost the welding industry by creating an online B2B marketplace that aims to make the European arc welding sector more competitive by enhancing the visibility of EU’s welding products/prototypes/services and bringing them together with global buyers. The WeldGalaxy program  is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

In the spring 2020, The WeldGalaxy consortium (of 12 partners) launched its first open call. Ten pilots to develop innovative technologies in the field of arc welding and become the first platform beta-testers were selected.

The WeldGalaxy program kicks off in October 2020 and we are very excited to participate in it.

Read more about WeldGalaxy, of its vision and purpose: www.weldgalaxy.eu

About Cavitar Welding Camera

Here are all of the 10 selected companies:

Pilot Name – Lead Company Name – Country — Short Description

– Trilogy – SARKKIS Robotics, Lda – Portugal
— The Trilogy pilot will combine automatic robot program generation, with advanced sensing and machine learning for welding configuration to fully exploit the potential of robotized welding in small batches.

– RobLoBWeld – REBARTEK AS – Norway
— Robotic load bearing welding of concrete steel reinforcement

– DUCU – MX3D B.V. + BelgianWeldingInstitute – Netherlands
— Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). The tool automatically calibrates layer height by electric sensing.

– INTWECELL – Flex Hex IVS+Factobotics – Denmark
— Intelligent welding holding tool: a flexible holding tool for manufacturing where geometry can be adjusted instantly we want to use this flexibility to improve the welding process by placing the item to be welded in the best position possible for the welding robot

– WeldCam – Cavitar Ltd – Finland
— Welding camera for arc welding based on active laser illumination to reveal defects in real-time and a platform for image analysis

– CRAWL – Alexander BinzelSchweisstechnik GmbH & Co. KG(ABICOR Binzel – Germany
— Clean robotic arc welding cell Line (collaborative) with minimized shielding gas consumption

– WeldADR – Sentin GmbH – Germany
— Weld ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition), the system offers a detection assistant for defects in weld seams on X-ray images. The system automatically marks weld seam defects and is also to include various standards and testing standards in the evaluation

– ProMoArcWe – XARION LaserAcoustics GmbH – Austria
— Process Monitoring of Arc Welding. Based on our unique optical microphone technology, a turnkey system to assess real-time process quality information will be developed

— Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). The pilot connects: infrared camera, image processing, and control electronics – will be embedded into a single system that will be installed next to the torch and will move with it.

– WeldTwin – Nissatech + EMDIP – Serbia
— Enabling continuous monitoring and improvement of the welding process using Digital (Weld)Twin created from the data observed in the process

(Source: https://fundingbox.com/spaces/weldgalaxy-project-updates/5f57481ff9a7a75c28f31d5a)

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