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CAVILUX Laser Illumination Technology

The laser illumination equipment of the CAVILUX product range is the primary alternative in such technology for suppliers of industrial quality monitoring systems. Customers can utilize CAVILUX laser illumination technology either as a stand-alone product or as a part of a complete monitoring system (see Solution development service levels 1 – 4). The equipment goes excellently together with high-speed cameras, machine vision cameras (single or multiple) and multiframe cameras.
The CAVILUX range of products is based on Cavitar’s pulsed high-power diode laser illumination technology, which can illuminate an object up to a million times a second. The pulsed light power is typically several hundreds of watts, and the brightness can be millions of times greater than in LED light sources.

The core of all CAVILUX products is an efficient laser unit that, depending on the product and application, can operate independently after initial programming, or can be controlled by the CAVILUX control unit even during the process. A single control unit can control several laser units and cameras. A number of accessories are also available for the technology. For example, each product can easily be expanded into a complete and accurately synchronized imaging system.

CAVILUX produces very powerful light pulses

The light pulses produced by CAVILUX lasers are so powerful and short that they can provide precise frozen images for example of fragments in the explosion process, for example. The strong light emitted by a CAVILUX illumination lasers can also be transferred to target object through fibre optics. This enables the illumination of even objects and processes that are hard to reach to. It is also easy to modify the illumination on a case-by-case basis in order to obtain optimal imaging results. The possibility to couple light into a fiber optic light guide enables unique versatility for generating different illumination solutions. With the same device, just by changing the fiber optic light guide, you can create for example uniform front or back illumination or use a light sheet.

The short and high intensity pulses of CAVILUX laser illumination equipment can freeze the motion of any industrial process object: small and fast-moving objects in industrial processes can be monitored with high precision. The multi-pulse feature enables the calculation of quantitative data such as the acceleration and speed of objects.

Systems based on CAVILUX light sources means an integrated package of CAVILUX and third-party products, such as a welding monitoring system developed for the quality control of welding. This may include a CAVILUX light source, control unit, camera, optics and user interface.

CAVILUX OEM can be developed and configured according to the customer´s specific needs. It is designed especially for easy integration and OEM use in production line and machine vision applications. CAVILUX OEM fullfills the hardest operational requirements because it is robust, compact and reliable.

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