3D Printing with Laser Metal Deposition

Laser Metal Deposition, or LMD for short, has many benefits: it reduces waste, it is suitable for large components, it allows customization at a high level, and it can be used to manufacture as well as repair. This particular video was taken at 10,000 frames per second and the imaged area is 640×480 pixels.

TWI Ltd describes LMD as “an Additive Manufacturing (AM) process that uses a laser beam as an energy source, focused upon a substrate through a nozzle to create a melt pool. Material is then added to the melt pool as a powder or wire. The melted particles fuse and solidify while the nozzle is manipulated around the substrate to form a desired layer of the component. The nozzle’s path is determined by a CAD model, which is sliced into layers using specialist software. Layer by layer, a 3D part is created” (https://www.twi-global.com/what-we-do/research-and-technology/technologies/additive-manufacturing).

With our CAVILUX laser illumination technology including special bypass filters, you are able to see the LMD process without the bright laser light and have a clear view to the illuminated area allowing you to see all the details in it, from each individual powder particle from the nozzle to the 3D shape taking place.

Video courtesy of our distributor Nobby Tech Ltd (Japan).

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