Industries we serve

We have provided laser lighting solutions for several applications in various industries for well over a decade now. Working closely with our industrial customers has deepened our understanding of the benefits laser based illumination offers for the industries and their processes. It is important to us to carefully listen to our customer’s requirements and what benefits they wish to achieve with their monitoring solutions.

Together with our customers we find the optimal solution for their illumination or monitoring goals whether it is a standard CAVILUX system or a customized OEM solution in larger quantities.

CAVILUX laser illumination technology has several unique benefits such as seeing through heat and freezing essentially even high-speed motion. Further advantages enabled by powerful, bright and maintenance-free laser illumination include e.g. cost efficient real-time visual remote monitoring solutions with improved ergonomics.

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Why us?

  • We are happy to bring the benefits of laser lighting to you and your process
  • We are the market leader in high-power pulsed laser lighting
  • We have vast experience in the imaging of various industrial applications
  • Our solutions are designed for rough and challenging industrial environments
  • Our solutions are compact and can be applied in limited space and conditions that has not been possible before
  • We have excellent skills in understanding our customer’s processes and needs
  • We always do our best to help our customers to reach their measurement goals
  • We can create customized solutions to our integrators and OEM customers
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Why us?

  • We offer intelligent illumination solutions that enable you to measure your processes new ways and gather new information, more information and information with high accuracy from your processes
  • We are the technology leader in high-power pulsed diode laser illumination
  • Our lighting solutions work with both high-speed cameras and various different kind of machine vision cameras
  • Our products enable highly precisely controlled laser illumination which is essentially monochromatic and incoherent
  • Our customers include many leading research institutions around the world
  • Our systems are very compact, robust and versatile, therefore enabling studies either in laboratory or industrial facilities
  • We can provide customized illumination optical solutions to enable new ways for illumination

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