Process Industry

Chemical process industries as well as pharmaceutical and food industries cover a wide range of processes which can involve for example crystallization of subjects, mixing of phases and materials as well as formation of bubbles, foams or beads. For process control it is important to measure what happens inside the tanks, reactors or pipes.

The process can be very challenging to access and the condition very hostile since some applications even contain highly flammable materials. Cavitar’s fiber coupled illumination solutions enable real-time image analysis of, for example, size, shape and distribution of process elements (phases and/or particles). CAVILUX illumination provides cold light which allows its use in heat sensitive environments and pressure tanks.

Industrial Applications

  • Compact designs and possibility to couple the light into a fiber to enable the access and use in tight spaces
  • Cold light due to short pulses enables use in explosive environments
  • High-power enables the penetration through thick and opaque media
  • Usage in pressure tanks
  • Usage in crystallization processes

Research Applications

  • Short pulses enable the elimination of motion blur
  • Ideal for shadowgraphy and schlieren imaging
  • Best image quality for shockwave studies
  • Customization of light guides to enable micro-PIV
  • Fuel injection
  • Cavitation
  • Droplets (e.g. inkjet)

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