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– Tampere, Finland, Mar 19-21 2024
– Jönköping, Sweden, May 14-17 2024

Cavitar - Value in Sight

We at Cavitar are here to bring you Value in Sight with our diode-laser based illumination systems and welding cameras that reveal your application and processes with the level of clarity and detail you have never seen before.

We offer versatile products, systems and solutions for industrial visual process monitoring and R&D, as well as for scientific research, for integrators, OEM manufacturers, and end-users alike. In addition to our high-performance CAVILUX systems and Cavitar Welding Cameras, we also offer customized solutions.

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Arcless Academy by Cavitar

Cavitar Presents: Arcless Academy - Digital Magazine ExperienceRead the Arcless Academy magazine

Cavitar presents – Arcless Academy – Weld Education 2.0 – This most technologically advanced method of learning welding is made possible with Cavitar’s technology of CAVILUX laser illumination and Cavitar Welding Cameras which bring huge advantages to welding imaging and monitoring. See welding in a crystal clear manner in an interactive and fun, easy-to-use online platform. From absolute beginners, to welding masters, we have something for every level.

Read the Arcless Academy magazine

Learn more about Arcless Academy

Cavitar Welding Camera

For Demanding Welding Applications

For ultimate real-time visualization of various welding processes

ARC Welding  Laser Welding Hybrid welding  Plasma welding 
Robot welding  Additive manufacturing

Infocus by Kjellberg:

Teaching GMAW by GBW:
WAAM by Institut Maupertuis:

Root/face view of MIG by SAKKY Finland:

See through the blinding welding arc

  • High-quality visualization of the details of the welding process core at once

Better quality control and savings in time and resources

  • Early defect detection for immediate process corrections
  • Quick process set-up and problem-solving time
  • Improved manufacturing repeatability and traceability
  • Process documentation for quality assurance

Improved ergonomics and safety through remote process monitoring

Novel tool for welding education and training

Cavitar Welding Camera – Compact solution with big vision

  • High-performance camera sensor with active illumination
  • Plug-and-play for easy use and set-up
  • Up to 500 fps (with reduced resolution)
  • Designed for 24/7 use in harsh industrial environments
  • Easy adjustment of working distance
  • Various active and passive cooling options
  • Easily integrated to tight, hard-to-reach places

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CAVILUX Laser Illumination Systems

See Through Heat - Freeze the Motion

MIG welding

Schlieren welding


Laser additive manufacturing

Versatile high-performance laser illumination systems for machine vision and demanding high-speed and ultra-high-speed imaging up to 10 million fps.

For various industrial processes and R&D as a stand-alone product or as an integrated monitoring solution.

Plug-and-play systems and fully compatible with high-speed and machine vision cameras.

For imaging and monitoring of various applications

  • Welding
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Shockwaves
  • Flows
  • Droplets
  • Sprays
  • Jets
  • Schlieren imaging
  • etc.







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Cavitar Schlieren Imaging Solutions

Welcome to the Invisible World

Flow visualization solutions

Reveal the invisible flow patterns (gases, fluids) in your process by optical methods

High-quality imaging

High sensitivity for detection of fine details

High-performance plug-and-play solution

Suitable for use in Schlieren and shadowgraph imaging

Optimized to be used with CAVILUX laser illumination systems and/or Cavitar Welding Cameras

Various solution options based on application

For research and development of various applications and processes

  • Welding process imaging (shadowgraph also possible)
  • Welding research
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Energy technologies
  • Chemical industry (mixing of liquids and gasses)
  • Shockwaves
  • Aerospace
  • Ballistics
  • Materials testing

Cavitar Schlieren Imaging Solution Z-type can be mirror- or lens-based.  We also offer a complete turnkey solution including all the necessary illumination and cameras, as well as a smaller lens-based imaging solution.

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Laser Lighting for Machine Vision

Customized CAVILUX OEM for machine vision integrators

CAVILUX OEM lasers are ideal light sources for industrial machine vision solutions. You will get all the CAVILUX benefits to your own integrated monitoring solution.

The products are compact and robust as well as suitable for harsh industrial environments for 24/7 use. Fiber coupling brings further flexibility also in difficult to reach or in cramped spaces.

Application specific illumination profiles through customization bring further benefits and additional information to images.

Contact us to discuss your high-volume machine vision solution requirements.


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