CAVILUX® OEM for Machine Vision Systems

CAVILUX lasers are ideal light sources for industrial machine vision solutions. They are immune to surrounding lighting conditions and ‘see’ through blinding brightness. The very short light pulses enable the accurate visualization of fast motion without motion blur. Therefore these lasers are excellent light sources for machine vision. The products are compact and robust, and fiber coupling brings further flexibility even in cramped spaces. CAVILUX OEM lasers are optimized versions for specific machine vision applications and they are typically derivatives of CAVILUX standard lasers containing the essential features needed by the application.


  • High power and brightness
  • Immune to surrounding lighting conditions
  • Short pulses
  • Easy to integrate, plug and play operation
  • Designed for 24/7 industrial use
  • Robust for harsh environments
  • Compact for challenging setups
  • Long working distance solutions for safe distance from the process are possible

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ParameterTypical valueOptions
ParameterTypical valueOptions
Output power200 Wadjustable, 0-500 W or more
Polarizationlinear / nonpolarized
Wavelength640 nm or 808 nm
Output lightfiber-coupled illumination (easy access to process, versatile illumination profiles)direct illumination (illuminated area 1 mm2 - 10 m2 , eg. rectangular or line)
Frequency30 Hzup to 100.000 Hz (cw) with active cooling
Duty cycle0,1 % with passive cooling0,1 - 2 % with improved cooling (up to cw with active cooling)
Sync in5 V TTL signalLVDS signal
Operating voltage12 V DC24 V DC
Dimensions (LxWxH)e.g. 100 x 50 x 30 mmdifferent casings possible
Laser safety label

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