Cavitar Ltd is an expert in illumination lasers based on diode laser technology. Our laser lighting is used in many demanding high-speed imaging and machine vision applications. We offer versatile components, products and systems for end-users of R&D applications as well as for integrators of industrial monitoring systems.

CAVILUX illumination lasers have a higher power, brightness and efficiency than traditional light sources used in industrial process monitoring. Our lasers enable customers to see through heat and freeze fast motion. These unique features increase the accuracy of critical measurements in R&D applications. In industry our solutions enable improved real-time visual monitoring and ergonomics which leads to substantial cost savings in manufacturing. Fiber coupling enables compact solutions also in challenging industrial environments with limited space.

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Effective and versatile high-power laser illumination

Diode laser illumination enables critical measurements in various industrial and scientific applications. It is an ideal light source for high-speed cameras and machine vision cameras alike. It enables the visualization of applications that may not be achieved with more conventional light sources like LED or halogene lamps. Read about the benefits of this high-power laser illumination.

Guide to high-quality welding imaging

The imaging of welding is often challenging since the camera can easily be blinded by the large amount of light emitted by the welding process. Cavitar presents guidelines for achieving high-quality images of welding.

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