• CAVILUX™ HF for High-Speed Illumination

    CAVILUX HF is a versatile and powerful high-performance pulsed diode laser light source. It is very suitable light source for high-speed cameras, and an excellent and versatile tool for scientific and industrial R&D work.

    Typical application examples include welding, flow and spray studies, material testing, ballistics and explosions. CAVILUX HF is compatible with schlieren and shadowgraphy optical solutions.

    The high maximum duty cycle (2 %) of CAVILUX HF enables it to operate at frame rates up to several hundreds of thousands of frames per second.


    • High power and brightness (up to 500 W coupled to a 1.5 mm diameter fiber)
    • Ability to generate pulses at high speed (e.g. 20.000 fps) or ultra-high-speed (e.g. 1 million fps)
    • Pulse length from 50 ns to 200 µs possible
    • Monochromatic and low-coherence light
    • High flexibility through fiber optics and changeable illumination optics


    Check out how CAVILUX HF can be used in your field of industry and how our customers have used it in the following applications:

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    CAVILUX HF Systems
    CAVILUX HF System
    Consists of a control unit, laser unit(s), control software and illumination optics. One control unit can drive 1…4 laser units (including CAVILUX Smart laser units) and synchronize 1…4 cameras
    Laser unit(s)
    Wavelength 810 nm (near-IR) or 640 nm (visible)
    Output power 500 W (810 nm) or 280 W (640 nm)
    Laser class 4
    Green laser pointer for easier alignment
    Variability through generation of pulses and pulse patterns
    Pulse duration 100 ns … 10 µs (also 200 µs by request)
    Duty cycle 2 % for max 10 s (for frequency vs. pulse length examples see table below)
    Continuous mode with 0,3 ‰ duty cycle
    Ultra high speed mode available
    Generation of single pulses or bursts of pulses (max. 5 pulses / burst) at high repetition rate
    Practical repetition rates up to a few hundred kilohertz
    Stand-alone operation
    Versatility through changeable fiber optic illumination
    Adjustable illumination with lens (standard solution)
    Direct illumination from fiber optics
    Uniform back illumination (e.g. shadow imaging)
    Line profile illumination (e.g. flow, welding)
    Light sheet illumination

    CAVILUX HF pulse duration / frequency

    Pulse lengthContinuous modeHigh speed mode
    Pulse length Continuous mode High speed mode
    50 ns * 6.000 Hz 400.000 Hz
    100 ns 3.000 Hz 200.000 Hz
    500 ns 600 Hz 40.000 Hz
    1 us 300 Hz 20.000 Hz
    10 us 30 Hz 2.000 Hz
    With long pulse extension
    200 us 1 Hz 100 Hz

    * with reduced output power

    Laser safety label
    CAVILUX HF System
    CAVILUX Control Unit
    Light guides
    Robust protective transport case of CAVILUX HF System
    Tube optics
    Filter holder and filter adapter set
    Warning light system
    Laser safety goggles


    Air Liquide
    China, Welding applications



    SZA – Institute for Welding, Joining and Testing Technology
    Austria, Welding applications

    UK, Welding applications


    ZEMA – Centre for Mechatronic and Automation Technology
    Germany, Welding applications
    Read how the customer is studying laser welding


    BIAS – Bremer Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge
    Germany, Welding applications

    Dresden University of Technology
    Germany, Welding applications
    Read how the customer studied arc welding gas flow

    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover
    Germany, Welding applications
    Read how the customer studied electrode hand welding

    Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Centre
    Finland, Ballistics and explosions

    Forsvarsbygg – Norwegian Defence Estates Agency
    Norway, Ballistics and explosions

    France, Fuel injection
    Watch video about the customer’s study of diesel fuel injection

    Munich University of Technology
    Germany, Welding applications

    University of Brighton
    UK, Spray applications

    University of Oulu
    Finland, Wood transillumination
    Read how the customer studied wood transillumination

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